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Summer Cleaning Tips

Summer Cleaning Tips
With the summer sun blazing in the sky, most of us prefer to enjoy the quite embrace of the sea breeze, than to deal with cleaning our homes, but unfortunately someone has to get the job done eventually. Humid summers can really bring about a number of hidden problems in a household, more specifically mold and mildew as some of the most persistent ones. The following tips will point out some ways you can clean your home during the summer in order to avoid such issues.

• Cleaning your grill is one of the things most of us only do when things get out of hand, but that really doesn’t have to be that way. You have to remove the grates from the grill itself and then clean it up with an oven cleaner for its supposed amount of time. Once that is done, you will need to wash things off with some warm, soapy water.
• You can also focus on cleaning the mats on your doors as well. There will be significantly more traffic and dust during the summer, so you will need to deal with that extra dust being tracked in through the door.
• You can also flip your mattress as well as it needs to be cleaned at least twice a year, once during the summer and once during the winter. You can simply use a soft brush attachment for your vacuum cleaner to get the job done. Run it on top of the mattress a few times in each location to ensure you have cleaned and gone through as much of it as you can. You will then need to remove the mattress and vacuum the box spring as well. Flip the mattress and vacuum the other side as well.

If you have to travel during the summer, then this means you will have to live out of your luggage for a while. You will need to vacuum the inside and outside of all your luggage and travel bags. You can also use a combination of water and vinegar to remove any musty smells left behind from storing them for too long. If you have to store them again, then do so with some baking soda around, as it will absorb the moisture and odor.
• Focus on cleaning the screens and windows of your home, so you can let the sunlight in. Take the screens and use a quarter cup of all-purpose cleaner in a bucket, then scrub the screen by laying it down on a flat surface. Spray the cleaner and remove the excess water, then put it back in its place so it can dry out. Never forget to wash the windows once the screens are down.
• Another thing you need to do is maintain the air conditioning system often enough to keep it clean. Replace your filters often enough to keep the dust from building up and choking the vents. This will help keep allergies under control as well, so it’s a necessary step.