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Carpet Cleaning Tips

carpet cleaning
Carpets require regular care and attention if we want them to remain neat and clean at all times. Let’s admit it, there is hardly anything more annoying than stepping on dirty, mucky carpets and rugs and side-stepping stains. The following article aims to give you some tips on what you can do to get the cleaning done with ease and effectiveness.

The first thing we do is vacuum to clean and maintain our carpets. This has to be done once a week ideally and even more so in places where the traffic is heavy. This will help prevent the slow buildup of grit like pieces of sand or other hard particles that may even cut through the fibers. Make sure you use the proper tools to also clean the hard-to-reach spots around your home for a more effective job. You can do a better job by dividing the entire carpet into sections you can clean at a time. This will give you a chance to get things done in a more organized fashion. Take your time during cleaning and avoid doing a quick job of cleaning as this will only make things more messy in the end. Deep cleaning is necessary for a thorough result, so use a strong vacuum cleaner and repeat your movements over a single spot multiple times to get the best results. High-traffic areas need more attention, so they need to be treated with overlapping or crossing strokes for a better cleaning overall.

You can apply a soil retardant to a newly cleaned carpet, which will help them be more resilient to staining and it will also help keep dirt and grime away from sneaking between the fibers. If you want to fight unpleasant odors in your vacuum after a cleaning remember to add some baking soda to the bag if it works with one. Next come spills, spots and other problems on a carpet. The first thing we have to remember when it comes to these problems on a carpet is that they have to be addressed right away top minimize the damage done. The best chance to clean a spot is right away when its fresh as this will not allow the muck to seep into the fibers, making it easy to deal with.

When it comes to spills and spots it would be wise to remember and follow these tips:
• Blot or scrape out the spot and absorb as much of it as possible before cleaning. This will let you clean faster and more efficiently than you would otherwise.
• Before you apply the cleaner, make sure you test it out on a small part of the carpet to ensure it won’t damage the fibers. Discoloration would be a bad thing to experience given the efforts you would put into cleaning.
• Avoid rubbing the spill as this can only make things worse as it spreads into the carpet itself.
• Work from the outside to the inside to avoid spreading the spot around. This will also allow you to concentrate your efforts in the smallest possible margin for maximum results.