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kitchen cleaning

With certain parts of the house, the cleaning always seems to be a bit of a pain. It may be because the use of the room is such that it invites more dirt, or it may be because you neglect it more often, because the dirt is out of sight, and therefore less of a pressing issue. In the case of the kitchen, both of these things are true. When you cook, much of the process will lead to mess, from food being slopped about on surfaces, as well as high heat on oils and fats, that creates a greasy evaporation, that tends to settle in interesting and hard to reach places. With regard to the idea of mess being hidden and therefore ignored; have you looked inside your oven recently? If you are the kind of person who is fastidious about these sorts of things, then ignore all of this, but if you are not, then a few hints and tips on the processes involved min cleaning the kitchen may well be useful!

First off, you need to maintain a decent level of cleanliness in your kitchen at all times. It is all too easy to let these things slip, but if you are more attentive with keeping your kitchen nice, then there is no reason why you can’t ensure that everything retains a state of clean that keeps the kitchen an easily managed place. This simply means wiping up spills when you see them, washing up the dishes as soon as you can after use, putting food and packets away when you are done, simply so that there is no more mess and dirt about than there needs to be. Leaving things out in the first place can lead to pests like rats and insects taking up residency in your kitchen, which is obviously a disgusting health hazard!

If your kitchen cleaning is a regular thing, then you can focus on the tougher spots separately. Every few weeks it is worth cleaning the oven and the fridge, to ensure that you are not letting the mess within them get too bad. Failure to do this fairly regularly will only lead to a situation where you have an extremely dirty oven or fridge, but don’t want to tackle it, because it will take such a lot of work to clean! The methods for cleaning both are the same, but the fridge is a lighter version of the oven clean. First, remove the shelving or racks from whichever you are cleaning, and leave them in a sink full of the cleaning product of your choice. There are oven cleaners specifically made for the job, but for the fridge you will likely only need anti-bacterial surface cleaner, or washing up liquid and hot water!

Ensure that the racks and shelves are submerged, and leave them so whilst you are dealing with the main unit of the appliances. Spray or wipe down the entire interior of either unit, and ensure that absolutely all of the nooks and crannies are covered. You should then leave the lather in place for a while. With the fridge, you can come back to it after five minutes, but with the oven, the level of tough, burnt on grease will be more in need of chemical breakdown. After twenty minutes or so, get the tough scrubbing brush out and really get to work on the oven. For a fridge, a rough sponge will probably do the trick! Once all of the dirt is gone, wipe down the inside of the unit with a regularly rinsed flannel or cloth to get rid of the residue. Remember to wear gloves for the oven, as the cleaners can be pretty toxic!

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