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How to get the most out of your dishwasher


Lots of people don’t bother to clean or maintain their dishwasher, and this can cause lots of problems in your home! If you don’t properly maintain your dishwasher then not only will it not last as long as it could, but you might also find that it’s not doing as thorough a job as it should! If you often find yourself having to rewash your cutlery or plates after cleaning them in your dishwasher, then it’s probably time for you to make some changes in your kitchen. Make sure that you get the absolute most from your dishwasher by following these handy tips and tricks!

Start by inspecting your dishwasher when it’s been recently used. Make sure there are not plates, pots or cutlery lurking around so that you know you’re doing a thorough job! Check all of the mechanisms (including the spinning arms) and remove any clogged up grime or food particles. The spinning arms should have no blockages so that clean and fresh water can run through them without any problems! Check the drain of your dishwasher for any clogs. The drain is where dirty water and small bits of food waste travel through, and just like your kitchen sink, it’s easy for this area to become blocked! For a thorough job, turn off your dishwasher at the wall and disassemble the piping below the drain. Remove any gunk you might find and rinse the pipes through thoroughly. Consult your dishwasher manual for more information on this, as it can vary from dishwasher to dishwasher.

Try wiping down the exterior of your dishwasher with a cloth and antibacterial spray. You might also want to do this with the area in which you place your dishwasher tablets, to ensure that there’s no build-up of product here. One of the most unclean places of your dishwasher can be found at the base of the door. This is where you’re likely to find build-up of bacteria and germs, as well as stains, spills and food leftovers. Wipe this thoroughly with an antibacterial agent to avoid any problems! The basket you use in your dishwasher to store your cutlery while being washed also needs a thorough and regular clean. You don’t need to use any specific products for this – washing up liquid and a scrubbing brush will more than suffice!

Try purchasing a drain cleaner or other rinse-cleaning product specifically designed for dishwasher. This will need to be placed into your dishwasher, which must be run on a cycle whilst still being empty. The instructions of products such as these can vary, so make sure you fully understand the directions before attempting this!

If you take proper care of your dishwasher then you’re sure to find it doing a much better job of your cleaning. Try to work cleaning your dishwasher into your weekly cleaning routine to ensure that you’re getting the cleanest job possible when you put your dirty and stained cutlery and crockery in to wash!