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Post renovation cleaning service

Building work will always leave behind dust. Almost every part of building work creates dust, and no amount of cleaning can get rid of it all in one go, as the process of cleaning up the dust itself, will knock some of the dust in to the air, and you will end up with dust settling later on. This basically means that you will probably have to go around the house and do a couple of once overs with the duster, to ensure that you are getting rid of it all before things are properly back to normal.

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Working from the top of each room downwards will reduce the risk of having to re-clean areas, as the dust falls downwards, settling on areas that you have not yet cleaned, until you finally vacuum the room. You will find that using a duster. You will get thick deposits of the stuff left on the cloth, and will need to remove it fairly regularly in order to really get rid of it, and keep the dusting cloth usable. Do this by hand in to the bin. In order to get the higher parts of the house cleaned effectively, you should probably use a ladder and a duster, or even a lengthily extended vacuum nozzle! Either way, a feather duster is not going to cut an industrial amount of dust form building work.

Post renovation cleaning service

Look in to having the carpets cleaned in the room that the work went on in. Even new carpets may need a decent seeing to with the vacuum cleaner, due to all of the dust settling, but an older carpet will likely need a vacuum as well as a scrub. The new look of the room after the building work has transformed it, may well warrant a proper dry clean or steam clean for your carpet, to bring it up to scratch with the rest of the room. You will find that the effects of such process are marvelously good, and that the results will ensure that you are not at risk of leaving any dust behind you! The fact of the matter is that you need to ensure that the room looks completely revamped, and carpets can hold a lot of dust and dirt, so be sure to clean it effectively!

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Hard floors may well also need to be cleaned properly, as there can be a lot of scratches and paint splatters that are left after a large building job. Whilst dust sheets will indeed protect in some ways, there are often cracks in them caused by moving around on them as the builders work, and this is where the problem comes. You should be able to mop the floor clean if the only problem is dust, but scraping up paint stains is a bigger job. Should you find any more permanent looking stains, the best thing to do is ensure that the builders will pay for it to be sorted, and have it professionally done. If they are a result of your own DIY and you can’t really afford a professional clean, then it may well be best to look at scraping up the paint carefully, and then re-staining the floor yourself to cover up any marks that are left behind by the process. You can use espresso to re-stain dark wood flooring that has been scratched badly, as it will bring it back to a similar color to the rest of the wood.