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Residential cleaning service
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Recurring cleaning service
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Additional services
The following additional services need to be added to all types of cleaning if required.
  Oven inside cleaned.OnlineEstimate
  Fridge inside cleaned.OnlineEstimate
  Cleaning behind the refrigerator and stove.
  How many balconies would you like to have swept?OnlineEstimate
  How many windows (interior) would you like to have washed?OnlineEstimate
  Would you like wet wiping blinds? How many?OnlineEstimate
  Would you like baseboards to be washed?
  Clean Fireplace
  One hour of organizing
  Dry steam vapor cleaning (Bathroom, kitchen)
  Mattress steam cleaning
  Would you like walls to be washed from top to bottom ?How many rooms?
  Would you like to clean kitchen cabinets inside? How many? (approx.size of the cabinet 2ft by 3ft)
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