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Cleaning tips

Make a cleaning schedule for the best results.

cleaning schedule

Simply making your cleaning more regular will ensure that you are getting your house looking amazing without having to worry about it taking up all of your spare time.

So, most of the time people do not want to clean because it takes ages, and they are worried about how long they are going to spend doing something so boring. This is a perfectly natural worry, and it is not surprising that people are so quick to get a cleaner in. You will find that if you clean more regularly, the dust does not build up as much between cleans. This is pretty obvious. However, the less dust and dirt, the quicker the clean, which means that you are not likely to spend as much time cleaning, which means that you transfer the effort involved in cleaning rarely, into cleaning more regularly. So, if the cleaning takes less time each time you do it, you can get each task done in five to ten minutes. If you divide these tasks up and fit them into the spare five or ten minute periods that you have during the day, you may well find that you actually have a lot of time for cleaning within your schedule.

People usually treat those periods between other things as unusable time, as no one can really get much done then. If you are always thinking in this way, then you may notice that you always have about ten minutes between being ready and leaving for work in the morning. Why not take the vacuum cleaner round the house during this time? Or perhaps mop the kitchen? When you get in from work, there is often a period where you are simply sitting around, perhaps watching TV. Why not get ten minutes of cleaning done before you do this? It is hugely unlikely that you are going to feel like you have missed out on anything, as the TV you would have watched would not have been enough for a whole program! The list is endless, but there will no doubt be times throughout the day where you can be getting cleaning stuff done without it affecting your real relaxation time that should come at the weekend. NO one is suggesting that you don’t relax during the week, but you can clean as well!

Appointment times are Monday through Sunday, from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM and we will be in touch in less than 2 hour (during business hours) to confirm if this date and time works. It really takes no more than 60 seconds to book your house cleaning online. Simply fill out the form and we’ll be in touch to confirm your date and time in less than 3 hour (within business time). You can choose to pay with cash or you can pay online with a credit card. We clean until we are finished for a standard home and within reason. For special cases like hoarders, or extremely large homes, we may adjust the estimate and price for fairness.