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How to remove chocolate stains from upholstery


Since chocolate indulgence is best done in private, chocoholics don’t mess around in grabbing their favorite set of tiles from the kitchen before making a swift getaway, escaping censure from detracting house mates in doing so.
But any pride at not messing around in retrieving your chocolate is undone if you make a mess elsewhere, since it leaves you open to later criticism from fellow tenants. Our discussion here will concern spilling chocolate on upholstery since we are most likely to be sat on sofas, kitchen table chairs or bedroom mattresses when we spill the food so commonly associated with indulgence and laziness. In other words, don’t freak out if you fall asleep in front of the TV on a humid summer’s night, only to wake up and discover chocolate smeared all over your favorite sofa. The following home cleaning technique works wonders and will restore those comfy seats in no time. So, take the following upholstery cleaning information on board, as well as that chocolate with you into the living room late at night.
How to remove chocolate from upholstery. Pre-clean check list:

  • a small container;
  • liquid dish soap;
  • a clean cloth x 3
  • dry cleaning fluid;
  • corn starch;
  • warm water;
  • cold water;
  • plastic spoon;
  • a paper towel;
  • vacuum cleaner;

1 – Remove all remaining chocolate. Use a plastic spoon to remove any chocolate left over from the spill, wiping it on a paper towel. So basically recover as much as you can of the spill. Obviously that which is at the bottom will have sunk into your upholstery, but not to worry since we will address that shortly.
2 – Make up your cleaning mix. Fill up the small container with two cups of cold water before applying one tablespoon of liquid dish soap. Now, dampen a clean cloth into the newly mixed solution.
3 – Remove the chocolate with cloth. Once you’re cloth is immersed enough in liquid soap solution, proceed to blot it on the upholstery chocolate stain.
4 – Rinse area;Run a second clean cloth under hot tap water before rinsing the area you just blotted.
5 – Apply dry cleaning solvent;Spray 2-3 drops of dry cleaning solvent directly on the stained area.
6 – Blot with a third fresh cloth. Grab your third fresh cloth and proceed to blot firmly until the chocolate stain is completely gone.
7 – Use absorbent corn starch to soak up residue. If the stain persists, apply corn starch over the whole area before using your index finger to smooth it around evenly. This will absorb the stain, including any leftover moisture.
8 – Let the corn starch sit for 10 minutes. Do something else for 10 minutes while the corn starch sits. Understand that it is gradually working its magic through slowly absorbing the most stubborn dyes and solids of the chocolate stain.
9 – Vacuum up the corn starch;Since the area is now dry, proceed to vacuum up the corn starch with a clean vacuum cleaner. Comb over slowly until all the corn starch is gone and the upholstery is smooth.
Repeat any of the above steps if you deem it necessary. Once you’ve applied this useful method, sofa cleaning won’t ever seem like a chore again.

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