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Are Dyson vacuum cleaners worth the investment?

New generation cyclonic cleaner sucks dirty air into the top of the cyclone, where it whirls at high speed, drop down, and collects in a plastic container ready for disposal. Because there is no bag to clog up with dust, the machine sucks always with the same power. Cyclones separate dirt and dust from the […]

How to clean a microwave

Kitchen cleaning First off, you need to maintain a decent level of cleanliness in your kitchen at all times. It is all too easy to let these things slip, but if you are more attentive with keeping your kitchen nice, then there is no reason why you can’t ensure that everything retains a state of […]

Green cleaning products

Save on clean Company is a professional Coquitlam house cleaning service. We love finding new green cleaning products to try out. Often the quality of green cleaning products is called into question. Some cleaning products do not work well. The product we have been waiting should outperform conventional products and meet the following criteria: Performance-product […]