Professional house cleaning in Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody

Green cleaning products

Green cleaning products

Save on clean Company is a professional Coquitlam house cleaning service. We love finding new green cleaning products to try out. Often the quality of green cleaning products is called into question. Some cleaning products do not work well. The product we have been waiting should outperform conventional products and meet the following criteria:

Performance-product works effectively
People-product non-toxic and safe
Planet-product should be biodegradable
Price-price should be competitive when compare to conventional cleaning products.

We have decide to start testing Pink solution. The product meets our needs and requirements. Pink solution is powerful, safe, works effectively and we decide replace most of the cleaning products.Now we use Pink solution for every type of house cleaning. Pink solution good for soap scum removal, glass cleaning, floor washing, surfaces degreaser, etc.

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